Selling Estate Jewelry – An Introduction

You may be inclined to sell your estate jewelry, considering the ever-increasing price of gold over the last few months, but you may be apprehensive of getting the right price for it. Here is some information you’ll find helpful in overcoming that apprehension.Important factors that help getting you the most from your jewelry include its accurate assessment. That is not to suggest that you become an expert in evaluating jewelry. Doing some homework can certainly fetch you a better price for your possessions. Let us proceed to see what decides the worth of estate jewelry.Estate is generally used while referring to previously owned items or assets. Generally, pre-owned jewelry isn’t considered as precious as fresh jewelry. There is a category of people who would never purchase a second-hand piece of jewelry for whatever reasons. However, it is true that one can often save a substantial amount of cash by purchasing pre-owned jewelry.The jewelry business is style driven. Some designs are classic, remaining in demand for decades, while others may last only for a couple of months. Estate jewelry that is not in style anymore can’t fetch you a good price. Actually, certain styles are so outdated that the jewelry in such styles gets sold at its fundamental price only. Now, estate jewelry should not be mixed with antique jewelry, which is about collectors’ items and may be best sold by a specialist. The difference in the price of antique and just old jewelry can be unbelievably high.The amount of cash that you may collect for your pieces of estate jewelry depends a lot on the condition of jewelry. Rarely is it worthwhile to get your spoiled and broken jewelry restored. Most often such jewelry gets sold at its basic minimum price. Yet, this is not to deny that in certain cases the damage to jewelry may look extensive but in fact is rather nominal and can be repaired without spending a substantial amount of money. The reverse is equally true, meaning the damage may look very nominal but in fact it may be too bad to afford its restoration. Unfortunately, jewelry restoration is not to be attempted as a DIY project. It is the job of professionals and you should let them do it or you may end up losing a large sum of cash.The pieces of jewelry that are already worn out affect the value adversely. The restoration of such pieces is very difficult and not worth the effort. Yet, you can expect to get its built-in price.Cleanliness also affects the price of jewelry. Before you go out to sell your jewelry, it should be suitably cleaned. Unless you are very sure of the way of cleaning your jewelry, you shouldn’t attempt it and get it done from a jeweler. The incorrect cleaning of jewelry and gems may spoil and further reduce their value. Some jewelers may offer to clean it without any charge.Most jewelry stores that buy estate jewelry are generally fine to go along with. Trust your gut feeling and go ahead but do remain alert and careful. Taking undue risk to get a slightly better value for your goods is not recommended.Finally, you are not going to sell estate jewelry all that often. Enjoy your venture and learn something new in the process. One positive aspect of selling your jewelry is that you will be better qualified to appraise jewelry, making you a wiser buyer. Best wishes!

Trendy Junk Jewelry For Teenage Girls

Jewelry is an integral part of fashion. It is the most important accessory in a girl’s wardrobe. Jewelry tends to accentuate the beauty of a girl. Gone are the days when jewelry was adorned only by adult women. Today there are multiple choices for young teenage girls as well. Many fashion stores tend to create a separate section of junk jewelry exclusively for luring young girls. Such a piece of jewelry can be worn on various formal and informal occasions. Junk jewelry is highly attractive and wearable which is why young girls cannot resist its charm and elegance.Young girls are cautious followers of the fashion trends. They tend to observe the latest changes very closely in order to update themselves. Teenage girls often prefer jewelry that is compatible with their age in order to retain their vibrancy and funkiness. They would like to have a piece of jewelry that can be worn to suit several occasions. Junk jewelry is the most preferred kind of jewelry by young girls. This often includes jewelries that are made from metal and plastic with beautifully engraved patterns. Junk jewelry even has a varied collection of beautiful jewelry that is made from the assortment of various semi precious stones. The best thing about these jewelries is that these look extremely trendy and cool thereby enabling young girls to make a perfect style statement.Teenagers usually prefer jewelry that is sober yet amazingly stylish. They do not want to get loaded with extremely elaborative jewelry with heavy intricate designing. Rather they prefer something very light and easy-going in order to intact the simplicity. Metal jewelry is highly popular as these jewelries endorse the “rock star” feeling. Metal jewelry is cool and funky that makes one really trendy. This type jewelry is the new “in” thing among the teenagers. Apart from attractive metal jewelries there are several options available in silver that looks really elegant and graceful on young girls.Teenage girls symbolize vibrancy and cheerfulness. Considering this, many fashion and jewelry designers have come up with attractive colorful jewelry in order to capture such essence. Junk jewelry is therefore available in varied colors and styles that instantly catch the attention of young girls. Apart from conventional chains and earrings, there are beautiful toe rings and anklets that are really the “hot items” today. Foot jewelry is the latest thing that looks really pretty and youthful. These are widely available at quite affordable prices. Nowadays piercing is very common among the young. Girls are ardent fans of nose rings, belly button rings and eyebrow rings. This type of jewelry however would depend upon individual taste and personality. The girls must make sure that they do not follow the trends blindly and make a complete fool of themselves. They should be aware what suits them in order to avoid fashion blunders.Junk jewelry is the most apt choice for the young girls as it serves a dual purpose. It looks really trendy, chic and fashionable and on the other hand it is quite affordable at reasonable prices.

Caring For Fashion Jewelry

Even if you purchase costume jewelry that is high quality, a general rule of thumb, is that no costume jewelry will be as durable and reliable as fine jewelry. fashion jewelry does, however, allow you to follow the newest trends without having to spend the hundreds of dollars fine jewelry may cost you. It would be unreasonable to expect costume jewelry to last indefinitely; even fine jewelry will not look new forever.However, with proper usage and care, you can prolong the life of your jewelry. You need to make sure that a cleaner doesn’t contain ammonia, vinegar, or any other acids or alcohols. Read the label and make sure you are using a cleaner safe for whatever material your costume jewelry is made from (silver, gold, brass, bronze, copper, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, pearls, opals, marble and any gems.) Don’t use soap and water, because most soaps will leave a residue on the metal and make the stones look dull. Windex can damage delicate stones and finishes. Vinegar is also harmful to the gemstones. Use a very soft cloth to clean the surface of stones and gold or silver, using a bit of water. Do not submerge your jewelry entirely.I. Keep your jewelry away from the following as much as possible: Water, lotion, perfume, or other harsh chemicals.II. Perspiration will also shorten the life of your costume jewelry.III. For Rhodium Plated Silver and Vermeil Jewelry – Do not use soap/water or jewelry cleaner to clean your jewelry as the soap will leave a film clouding your jewelry. This plating is known to prevent tarnishing but can certainly be compromised when exposed to harsh chemicals. Again, a soft jewelry cloth should do just fine!IV. Most importantly, after you have cleaned your jewelry, you must make sure your jewelry is completely dried before wearing it or storing it.StoringHow you store your costume jewelry depends upon the space that you have available, your budget, and whether you want to display them, wear them, or simply protect them. Here are some tips for safely storing your jewelry:I. Temperature change – Any extreme change in temperature can affect stone settings and glue.II. Moisture – Moisture is the worst enemy of costume jewelry. Not only can it destroy the foil backing of rhinestones; it can also damage the metals used.III. Space – Vintage jewelry must never be allowed to rest on top of another piece or be jostled together. This can dislodge or scratch stones.IV. Oak – Oak cabinets or boxes can release fumes that damage costume jewelry.V. Cardboard boxes – Even the cute little boxes that jewelry is sold in has been treated with sulpher, which tarnishes gold and silver.Good storage choices:
Ziplock bags Metal drawers Plastic boxes Soft cloth Curio cabinets